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> So that just leaves the home phone, currently a POTS from Bell.  I'm
> looking at how to replace that next, probably with VoIP.  Any suggestions?
>  I know this has come up in this group's discussions before, but I don't
> need a lot of fancy features.  Just call display and a simple voicemail,
> and the option to keep our old number.  Does anyone know of a simple
> solution for home phone?  Remember that Wifeski wants something that anyone
> can operate without having to know serious tech...

I've mentioned them before, because I use them, and would recommend them to

The basic plan is $4 a month, and gets you free calling to all of Canada,
and voice mail (but not email notification of voicmail, which is free with
the $10 additional Premier). It can be operated by anyone who knows how to
use a phone handset. And they have 911 included. You can try them free for
60 days on a temporary number, then transfer your real phone number to them
if you like them for $40 (or free if you sign up for a 1 year Premier


Initial cost is $130 or so retail, or $99 with referral.
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