[kwlug-disc] what is the perfect openWRT router?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Fri Mar 28 05:06:48 EDT 2014

(followup to recent openWRT discussion ...)

  hi, folks, rday here from ottawa. not sure if i ever proposed this
while back in K-W or after i moved to ottawa, but i was interested in
trying the following with respect to openWRT.

  rather than simply giving a presentation on openWRT, i wanted (as a
LUG project) to select a fairly decent, feature-rich and
openWRT-compatible router, and start to (as a group) document from end
to end how to build openWRT for that router, how to install it, how to
configure it and so on.

  the value of something like this would be that, if anyone wanted to
get started with openWRT, rather than agonizing over what router to
buy, and having to read the docs by themselves, the group could come
to a consensus as to what make and model would be a good platform,
whereupon everyone would be dealing with *exactly* the same issues and
even beginners could follow along, knowing everyone else would be
seeing precisely the same things.

  i'm sure there are pages out there somewhere where someone has done
exactly this -- documented in excruciating detail *every* *single*
*step* in taking a new router out of the box, and putting openWRT on
it. personally, i'd be interested in that level of documentation as i
might be able to use it as the basis for, say, an embedded linux
course for some of my training clients.

  anyway, as a starting point, i would be interested in opinions on
what would constitute the "perfect" openWRT router, the word
"perfect" being, of course, wildly ambiguous. so for purpose of
discussion, what features should it have? what platform? and so on.
and if all of this has already been done, it would be good to collect
links to such pages.



p.s. brief marketing plug here -- i'm still doing linux training so if
anyone is looking for technical linux instruction, that's still how i
make my living. :-) drop me a note offline if you want to chat


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