[kwlug-disc] my freedns.afraid.org venture

John Johnson jvj at golden.net
Sat Mar 22 16:18:02 EDT 2014

While I am not sure what you are trying to do, I may have am idea for you.

I have a DLINK DIR-645 router and a number of computers on my LAN, one 
of which is set up with Linux running Apache so as to serve as a webserver.
(see blog on KWLUG user pages)

To allow external users external access to the webserver through a 
browser I have the router set up for "port forwarding".
And, with this setup, users external to my LAN and on the intertubes can 
access the webserver by typing: http://209.xxx.xxx.xxx.
(I do not have a registered domain.)
The IP address is used without specifying the port to be used, i.e. 
defaulting port 80. Port 80 is forwarded to the webserver as is port 443.

This mechanism also worked on a previous DKINK router model.

BTW: The webserver is not up at the moment as Apache is broken. TODO: fix.


On 2014-03-22 14:54, John Kerr wrote:
> Hi everyone
> I have been working on this for too long with nothing to show for it
> I can't get freedns.afraid.org <http://freedns.afraid.org> service to 
> see past my router. I am on Rogers as an ISP.
> I have tried pointing to a computer on my my lan as well as pointing 
> to the router name as well.
> same result I can ping the server but the IP that comes back is that 
> of the router. when I try to hit a web page it hangs.
> I tried setting up freedns.afraid .org a the dns service and it tells 
> me the host is invalid.
> It is a dling DIR-655
> Here is my inadyn.conf file
> this one is trying to hit the name of my router
> -username
> --password
> --update_period_sec 300
> --forced_update_period 21600
> --alias alias TardisXL5.mooo.com 
> <http://TardisXL5.mooo.com>,Tnh6Q1JGSDFYU3pRaFh0YXVlSWE6MTEzMTY2MzI=
> --background
> --dyndns_system default at freedns.afraid.org 
> <mailto:default at freedns.afraid.org>
> --syslog
> that is it, exactly as shown -- less login info Any ideas?
> Apache is working.
> Thanks in advance
> I had another file trying to point at the webserver on my network that 
> did not work either.
> thanks
> John
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