[kwlug-disc] Introductory Linux sessions for Bits and Bytes

Brian Bentley bhbentley at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 15:34:37 EDT 2014

Yes, I'm here. Lurking. (Though I think I did post once before.)

The short version of the goal of these sessions is: To give an everyday
Windows user enough resources that they can start leading themselves though
adopting Linux as their everyday OS.

Thank you, Brian

On Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 2:22 PM, Paul Nijjar <paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca> wrote:

> The Bits and Bytes computer club is a computer user group for "mature
> adults".  They have been meeting for years at a community centre in
> downtown Kitchener. Their website is:
> http://www.bitsbytes.ca/index.htm
> Brian Bentley from the club has been attending KWLUG events recently.
> He would like to put together a few sessions worth of introductory
> Linux material for his group. He expects that there might be 10-15
> students.
> You could help facilitate this group (I think Bob Jonkman and Charles
> McColm will be doing some of this) or you could be helping people work
> one on one.
> Brian is thinking that the sessions will be held on the 4th Wednesday
> of the month, in the morning (9:30am-11:30am), but he might book an
> evening class instead if necessary.
> If you would like to participate you can contact me and I will forward
> your information to Brian. (I do not think he is on kwlug-disc, but if
> he is then he can introduce himself and you can contact him directly.)
> - Paul
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