[kwlug-disc] OBD-II/OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner

John Johnson jvj at golden.net
Fri Mar 7 22:37:58 EST 2014

On 2014-03-07 14:21, Chris Irwin wrote:
> Also not a mechanic, but my wife's car had a similar problem that took 
> three or four visits to repair (under warranty, at least). Turns out 
> she had a bad ignition wire on one of her spark plugs. It had a slight 
> break in it, and wouldn't ignite the spark plug it was connected to. 
> On warmer days, or after the engine warmed up, the metal in the cable 
> would expand enough to render the cable usable.

This sounds like the wire was one of the 'traditional' 7 mm or 8 mm 
diameter high voltage wires that, on some vehicles, would run from the 
distributor to the spark plugs. My current vehicle, model year 2004, 
does not have a 'traditional' distributor nor high voltage spark plug 
wires. Instead, each of the 4 spark plugs is capped with its own 
ignition coil to which run a number of low voltage, small diameter, 
wires. The 'traditional' distributor has been replaced by some mechanism 
in the ECM that triggers the ignition coils to fire the spark plugs at 
the appropriate time.

If Khalid's vehicle has the 'traditional' 7 mm or 8 mm diameter high 
voltage wires then one of these wires could very well have a problem as 
you describe. If, however, the spark plug system is like mine 
............ who knows?


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