[kwlug-disc] KMyMoney / KDE ecosystem [Re: gnucash presentation?]

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Thu Jan 30 14:19:43 EST 2014

+1 KDE! (Forever!)

Khalid, your experience with KMyMoney has been so positive that it 
outweighs your switching to GNUcash / accountant compatibility (?) ?

Although you will pry KDE out of my cold, dead, hands, I can't say I've 
successfully embraced the application ecosystem. e.g. I still use 
Thunderbird, Firefox, and LibreOffice, over Kmail, rekonq, and Koffice.

I suspect largely because it "isn't there yet" (or wasn't for palm sync 
when they mucked that all up) and I moved on, and an application 
interface shouldn't change just because I move to a different computer / 
OS / Platform. Don't make me have to re-learn how to use the hammer just 
because I switched chairs - I need to get on with using it / what I 
already know. (I already keep using ifconfig / ipconfig, type / cat / 
echo on the wrong things not infrequently.)

Along the way, I have become more inclined to use Google Docs when 
appropriate, so have even less motivation to use Koffice.

Add in Android / Chrome, and the KDE knowledge transfer opportunities 
look to be decreasing, not increasing.

So GNUcash isn't so attractive as to move you off KMyMoney?

On 14-01-30 12:09 PM, Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:
> And of course, there is KMyMoney for the KDE users, available in
> Ubuntu/Kubuntu's repositories.
> It does pretty much whatever GNUCash is doing but a couple of years behind.
> That includes QIF import from your bank, multi-currency support, reports
> and graphs, ...etc.
> And yes, I have been using it for several years for both personal
> (satisfactory) and business (which I don't recommend, since it does not
> provide the formats the accountant expects at the end of the year, and I
> use CSV output, and he hates that ...)
> Since KDE users are a tiny minority in North America, I am not volunteering
> to demo it ...
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