[kwlug-disc] IP addresses and gateways--my google-fu seems to be lacking

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Thu Jan 16 18:05:11 EST 2014

Careful if you follow this advice, Brent - I've never seen a consumer 
router where wi-fi can be a client to another. Check the manual online, 

(Besides, I assume if you had the coin for a router, you would already 
have replaced your PoE stuff and just gotten on with your day.)

Rashkae may be able to recommend a specific model, given his comment.

I've no doubt OpenWRT et al will be able to do this - worth popping over 
there to check compatibility before/if you buy.

For all I know, Computer Recycling may have such a beastie, cheap or 
even free. Most any OpenWRT aged compatible router should work for you - 
your max. throughput is going to be limited by your wi-fi, anyways.

No way you can just snake a long network cable down the stairs for the 

On 14-01-16 02:18 PM, Rashkae wrote:
> On 14-01-16 01:18 PM, R. Brent Clements wrote:
>> I was using an Ethernet-over-power device until a couple days ago when
>> one end of it burned out.  I am trying to configure my old netbook to
>> connect wirelessly to the downstairs router (easy) and share the
>> internet connection with the network of computers in my bedroom.
>> Whenever I attach the network cable to the system I lose the internet.
>>   I can ping the ip address of both sides of the "router" computer, but
>> nothing beyond that.  I am using static ip addresses for the inner
>> network in the 192.168.10 range, and the wireless address is
>> assigned dynamically from the wireless router downstairs.
>> I am wondering what gateway address I need to assign to the lan-side
>> eth0.  I have followed the instructions on several sites about
>> configuring iptables.  It seems like the netbook is losing the
>> internet when I have two interfaces active, even tho only one has an
>> internet connection.
>> Brent
> The gateway should be the IP address of your router, (Probably
>, but you'll have to check your Ip settings when you connect
> to the router wirelessly.)  This should get assigned automatically with
> the DHCP
> The static 192.168.10.x IP on the netbook which is acting as a router
> should not have a gateway address at all.
> You will have to use Ip tables / netfilter to share the Internet with
> other devices on your network.  The gateway for those *other* devices
> will be 192.168.10.x (The IP address of your netbook.
> Note: You will probably be much better off buying a small TP-Link (or
> other compatible router.) and configure it in bridge mode.  So instead
> of being an wireless access point, the router will be a wireless client
> to your existing network, and will bridge the wireless to LAN, (and all
> attached Lan devices will be on the same 192.168.1.x subnet.)  Just be
> sure to disable the DHCP server on the router, and it should work well.
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