[kwlug-disc] KMyMoney / KDE ecosystem [Re: gnucash presentation?]

Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Thu Jan 30 15:05:12 EST 2014

On Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 2:19 PM, unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca> wrote:

> +1 KDE! (Forever!)
> Khalid, your experience with KMyMoney has been so positive that it
> outweighs your switching to GNUcash / accountant compatibility (?) ?

I evaluated both many years ago, since I was converting more than a
decade's worth of Quicken data, to stay away from Windows nad the constant
upgrade treadmill of Intuit.

This was a long time ago, over a decade now, and for reasons I don't
remember, I stayed with KMyMoney. Perhaps it was multi currency support at
the time, or something. Really can't remember.

The accountant does not know what GNUCash is, nor KMyMoney. He wants the
data in QuickBooks or SimplyAccounting format for the business. This way he
can import it and cut the time copying stuff from Excel/CSV files.

I don't know of any open source application that produces these formats.

Although you will pry KDE out of my cold, dead, hands, I can't say I've
> successfully embraced the application ecosystem. e.g. I still use
> Thunderbird, Firefox, and LibreOffice, over Kmail, rekonq, and Koffice.

Yes, I use Firefox too, because of its ecosystem with plugins, Session
Manager, NoScript, Cookie Monster, AddThis.

I also use LibreOffice when I am not using Google Drive for quick reports
and such.

I don't use Thunderbird (bloated and slow).

I made a conscious decision not to tie my stuff into the KDE ecosystem.
Why? Because it will tie my stuff to a desktop machine, and I want access
from everywhere. On the phone, the tablet, ...etc. So Gmail and Contacts in
there does the job.

I don't use Konqueror or Koffice.

Accounting is an exception to that. It is not something I do every day, and
what I use balances with the bank, and that is it.

Along the way, I have become more inclined to use Google Docs when
> appropriate, so have even less motivation to use Koffice.

Same here.

The stuff I had on the Palm Pilot was synced with Yahoo, then transferred
to Google Drive later. A couple of sessions to move my contacts from there
to Gmail, and it was available in Android (phone and tablet) automagically.

Add in Android / Chrome, and the KDE knowledge transfer opportunities look
> to be decreasing, not increasing.

I don't like Chrome that much. I have Chromium installed, and use it
occasionally when I want to go to a site with full cookie and javascript,
and it is too much to mess with NoScript and Cookie Monster on Firefox.

My main browser is Firefox still, on all platforms.

So GNUcash isn't so attractive as to move you off KMyMoney?

We converted from Quicken to KMyMoney a decade or more ago, and that was
that. No incentive to move to something else, since it does the job, and it
is grudge work anyway.

> On 14-01-30 12:09 PM, Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:
>> And of course, there is KMyMoney for the KDE users, available in
>> Ubuntu/Kubuntu's repositories.
>> It does pretty much whatever GNUCash is doing but a couple of years
>> behind.
>> That includes QIF import from your bank, multi-currency support, reports
>> and graphs, ...etc.
>> And yes, I have been using it for several years for both personal
>> (satisfactory) and business (which I don't recommend, since it does not
>> provide the formats the accountant expects at the end of the year, and I
>> use CSV output, and he hates that ...)
>> Since KDE users are a tiny minority in North America, I am not
>> volunteering
>> to demo it ...
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