[kwlug-disc] Using mSata drives

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Wed Jan 15 00:04:56 EST 2014

He didn't think it was in use.

The list recommended no swap at all.

And if used, not used for swap for premature wear of the SSD.

Frequently, people want more than 16GB in their system. (Let alone 
single spindle backup/restore, pick up/put down.)

I don't dispute what you say, but it seems we're already out of his 
comfort level even dealing with GPT.

My desktop 120GB SSD (Kubuntu 12.04 LTS) looks to be using 27G, 28G free 
(I sliced it in half.) Certainly my jaw drops every so often as to how 
fast it is - not having believed stories of SSD speed until I 
experienced it. So with only 16GB in his system, some playing around 
would have to be done, with some bits here, some bits there. Seems 
beyond the comfort level.

Me, I'd be tempted to run it as /, and mirror it to an equivalent spot 
on the spindle nightly. But it would take me a while to fiddle with it 
to my satisfaction. Such fiddling isn't for everyone.

So, if not hibernation, not swap, not /, don't know what else to 
suggest. (Well, except for as I use the 2nd half of the SSD - when I 
have a larger, longer project, I'll dump the files there for the 
duration. But that too in the OPs environment could be considered a 
large waste.) At least as hibernation, if he hibernates, he's getting 
what speed he can.

Certainly SSD as swap seems not recommended, due to premature wear.
(Let alone get /tmp and /var/cache off of it, and so on.)

On 14-01-14 07:23 PM, Bob Jonkman wrote:
> Seems a bit of a waste of a high-performance disk to use it only to
> save and restore for hibernation...
> On 14-01-14 04:26 PM, unsolicited wrote:
>> Use gdisk for info on the gpt disk.
>> Good thought on reserving it for hibernation.
>> On 14-01-14 04:02 PM, Chris Craig wrote:
>>> You'd want to use the mSata drive for hibernation, I presume.
>>> If you wanted to use it for its intended purpose, maybe look at
>>> dm-cache. Here's a document about setting it up:
>>> http://blog.kylemanna.com/linux/2013/06/30/ssd-caching-using-dmcache-tutorial/
> .
>> . .

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