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John Johnson jvj at golden.net
Mon Apr 28 16:53:24 EDT 2014

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A series of OT discussions on alternative sources for TV & land line 
phone & cell phone & internet* has been running on the KWLUG mailing 
list for some time now. These discussions have included mentions of 
Netflix and torrents and may be available on-line at http://kwlug.org/

It may take a bit of effort to find these discussions as the subject 
lines can get creative:
Recent subject lines:
+ Dropping Bell, Phase 5
+ Home made indoor TV Antenna
+ Ooma and leaving Bell
+ Cutting the cord

* I do not recall discussions on alternates for AM / FM radio.


On 2014-04-28 14:37, Michael xxxx wrote:
> Hey gang,
> My wife wants to get Netflix this summer, but we don't have any 
> technology that can do the trick. We have no tablets, no web enabled 
> TVs, just a pair of BlackBerries (z10 & q10), an old desktop, and an 
> old notebook.
> I've been doing a bunch of research online and have found a group of 
> set-top boxes that we can hook into our TV.
> The three that I've looked into are the Apple TV, the Roku 3, and the 
> WD TV Live, I'm sure there are others.
> I was just wondering if any of you have experience with this kind of 
> technology?  Is it difficult to use Un-Block Us to get American 
> content? Do I have to get an 'american' version of the device?
> While Netflix is the key, I'd love to be able to use it to link into 
> my Desktop computer's media files (currently using DNS) and connect to 
> youTube. Any additional online streaming services would also be great, 
> especially if I can stream Television like the Food Network.
> We're looking to spend around $200, and with a two boys under 2 years 
> old, I don't have the time to make it a project right now. I'm really 
> looking for an almost-out-of-the-box solution.
> I'd appreciate any advice you can give me.
> Thanks
> Michael
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