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Cranky I know you're a Plex fan, but one of the things I love about XBMC is that while playing a video I can bring up the play menu and download subtitles from a source of my choosing.

I don't autodownload, because as you've mentioned subtitles sometimes end up being off sync, but this method is really nice.

Typically I just have to click the Windows button on my media centre remote, this brings up the play options (pause, FF, Rewind). One of the icons on the play options screen is the subtitle download icon. It autofetches a bunch of subtitles to choose from (default is opensubtitles). I choose the one I want and bingo.

As I recall I had to enable the subtitles plugin and then enable subtitles in setup, but it wasn't particularly hard.

In my case I'm normally grabbing subtitles for my own ripped media (so worse comes to worse I could probably just rip the subtitles myself). I find most of the subs made for torrents work with my ripped media.

Incidentally I normally use makemkv and handbrake if anyone wants to know.


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