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Well they could obtain the original media, but they'd have to contact Dell/HP/Lenovo/whomever the OEM was to obtain the media.

An OEM install would likely work on non-MRR licenses, but from Microsoft's standpoint without the COA plus restore media (could be partition too) it's a no-no.

I agree with Paul, the T60s and T61s are nice notebooks. If I was buying a refurb from Eco-Tech I'd buy one of those two.

You can buy new consumer laptops for just a bit more, but the quality really isn't there when you compare a new $300 laptop with a business class laptop (which the T60/61 and HP are).

Note that the Toshiba has a "Grade B," meaning that physically/cosmetically it probably isn't quite as good as the other notebooks.
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Thanks to you both. My recent experience has been I can download an 
official MS ISO then use the COA on the box, IIRC. I can see where it's 
probably a different ISO for refurb, retail, or OEM. Comments welcome.

AFAIKnew, an OEM license was perpetually useful on that box only, all 
OEM equipment only. Adding disk / more memory OK, changing MBs right out.

Seems bizarre that someone who picks up a pile of off-lease hardware and 
goes to resell it needs a new (refurb?) win license. <sigh>

I can see where an SSD would wildly improve things, problem is I suspect 
no single HD will ever be big enough, and large SSD's are seriously 
expensive. Probably just me from an assumption that it will never be big 
enough, fast enough, enough memory. I can see it if it's largely a 
terminal, in essence, though. Hard to predict future use though, at 
least for a home machine.

Guess part of my problem is I usually image C: to D: nightly. (First 
burping last night's image to some other machine.) So need the space. 
Perhaps with an SSD doing this imaging is largely pointless?

On 14-04-23 12:54 PM, Charles M wrote:
> Actually refurbishers licenses ARE different from a retail OEM license. You
> cannot for example take an OEM Windows 7 Home Premium and activate using
> the refurbishers license key (at least with our Citizenship licenses).
> I called Eco-Tech and the person I spoke to implied that they were just
> selling the systems with the pre-existing Windows COA and a fresh install
> of Windows. For us (as a refurbisher) this is a no-no. Licensing guidelines
> for refurbished PCs are here:
> http://oem.microsoft.com/public/worldwide/refurb/microsoft_refurbished_pc_licensing_guidelines.pdf
> Microsoft would be seriously mad with us if we did this (yes it seems
> crazy, if there's a COA you'd think you should be able to reuse it, but
> it's not the "legal" case for us). We buy new licenses for every Windows
> system we refurbish, regardless of what the license was before on it (even
> Win 7) to keep in line with their refurbishing requirements.

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