[kwlug-disc] Refurb laptops & monitors - Eco-Tech Recycling?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Wed Apr 23 11:43:31 EDT 2014

I see a number of refurb laptops, computers, and monitors, at 
http://www.eco-techrecycling.com/refurbs.php (Found via kijiji search.)

Anyone with any comments on the offerings?

Seems to me:
- anything with a trackpoint is a Lenovo business class laptop. More robust?
- Core 2 Duo preferred over others?
- More speed, the better.
- More memory, the better.

At one time refurb prices were so close to new that it wasn't worth the 
loss of warranty. Doesn't seem so at the moment - this level of hardware 
doesn't seem available at, say, Canada Computers. There you either go up 
a couple hundred for the next class of hardware (new, but Celeron), or 
down to a smaller screen.

Comments, experiences?

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