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> >  >     It used to be in a building on Colonnade Dr in South Ottawa, until the '90s when Nortel took over the building. As I recall they were modems and subscriber equipment. Datapac was Nortel gear that was retired about 5 years ago.
IIRC Gandalf (the company, not the wizard) got it start with a large 
distributed multiplexer that ran  over coaxial cable and allowed N+M 
terminals (w/serial IO ports) connect with N minicomputer (e.g. Digital 
VAX730/750/780) IO serial ports, but only N ports at a time. There was a 
Gandalf box at the terminal and (I assume) a much larger box at the 
minicomputer. The Gandalf systems were in wide use in colleges and 
universities before LANs ( & WANs MANs) and the Internet as well as PCs 
arrived on the scene.

Gandalf expanded its product line with Limited Distance Data Sets (a 
sort of modem) that had higher speeds than dial up modems and worked 
over copper wire spans of up to 1 or a few kilometres, but not over 
telephone circuits. The company continued to expand its product line in 
the data-communications area until the company folded.

Wikipedia: /DATAPAC/ was Canada's packet switched X.25-equivalent data 
network. Operated first by Trans-Canada Telephone System, then Telecom 
Canada .... discontinuing the service at the end of 2009.

And, Glenn is probably correct, in that Datapac was probably a Nortel 
customer and used their equipment in the network.

On X.25, I recall working with a Memotec PAD in an employers  R&D dept.. 
Found on the Google: /Memotec was a leading provider of inter-office 
voice and data networking solutions, specifically the packet 
assembler/disassembler (PAD) device commonly found in X.25 networks./

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