[kwlug-disc] Problem accessing a website

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Mon Sep 30 18:05:40 EDT 2013

By chance, have you tried rebooting your router? (Fixed things for me 
once or twice.)

Can you do a traceroute from each, see if we can spot where (if) you're 
getting stopped?

[Weird thought, below, can it get back to you?]

nslookup, too, see if you're getting back different ip's to go towards.

Sounds like you've checked if using the same DNS servers / getting the 
same thing back.

A bit of bizarreness I've run into, perhaps you are too:

For the longest time I could not get anything out of http://kwootc.ca. 
Everyone else I asked always could, but not me, from any machine or 
browser. (IE, firefox, chrome, safari, opera, windows xp or 7, linux, 
with/out firewall, blocks, addons, anything.)

I could get to the page, but it was coming back without any source / 
content. View source revealed 0 bytes. If I went to a sub-page, like 
http://kwootc.ca/?page_id=88, it was all happy, just not the front door.

Then some browsers started working (weeks later).

Today all is well. (Weeks beyond that.)

Baffled the <x> out of me. Still does. But now works, so nothing to dig 

Good luck on this!

[Years ago ran into a similar problem - two providers/carriers along the 
route had an router inter-connection issue. Was able to get to one 
provider's trouble desk - they confirmed the problem, contacted the 
other provider, and sorted things out between themselves.]

On 13-09-30 01:55 PM, Gary Walsh wrote:
> Is anybody on this list using Rogers as an ISP? I am having a peculiar
> problem accessing a website that I manage: http://lindsayking.ca. I
> have no problem accessing it on my cellular network, through a VPN and
> through the Bell network, but on my Rogers connection I can't get to
> it. I called Rogers and the support person had no problem getting to
> it. I tried using different DNS servers but nothing worked. If you are
> on the Rogers network can you see if you can access it and get back to
> me? I can't figure this out.

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