[kwlug-disc] Google Hangouts (now?) a Skype killer?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Wed Sep 25 13:44:45 EDT 2013

Google talk (xabber) notifications have now been showing up in Hangouts 
on my Android phone.

I see in Chrome (extension and app) that Hangouts can now call 
landlines. (A for fee service with Skype.)

Has Hangouts become a Skype killer?
(Have never been able to install Skype on my 64-bit Kubuntu 12.04 LTS - 
it wants to add a zillion i386 packages / remove a bunch of current 
ones. I'm hoping my next install, probably SuSe will avoid that. Thus 
has Google / Chrome / Hangouts become more ubiquitous than Skype?)

Does YouTube and Hangouts now overlap? To what extent?

Not suggesting it be used for kwlug meetings, but it seems that people 
are using Hangouts for meetings / presentations, not just video calls.


(Avoidance of Skype / MS / 3rd party on ChromeBooks?)

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