[kwlug-disc] I need to take traffic from a small list of IP's and send it through one server to another... How do i do this one.

Chamunks Arkturus chamunks at gmail.com
Mon Sep 23 18:20:52 EDT 2013

I basically have a Proxy server for minecraft set up that takes
specifically Minecraft traffic and sends it to endpoint guest servers.  The
reason for this is DDoS protection and privacy.  I basically cover the
costs to hide your server etc.

This said theres a thing called Votifier basically it helps your players
get rewarded for voting for your server.

The problem: I can't use the same IP/Port for all of these servers as the
voting sites consider this spammy.  So I've asked some of the bigger ones
and they are okay with using multiple ports on the same IP.

I have no idea how to redirect this server ping through my server to their
servers.  How would I accomplish this in the simplest method possible that
I could possibly even put into my bash script for creating and destroying
servers and adding /removing them from my proxy etc.
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