[kwlug-disc] Favourite free sip registrars?

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Fri Sep 13 08:02:52 EDT 2013

Remember: Was looking for free sip registrars / free phone for those 
with low or no income.

If I understand what I have read correctly ...

The MagicJackPlus and Fongo Home Phone idea look intriguing (let alone 
with Android app) - take your doohickey with you wherever you go.
Fongo (freephoneline) is $5/month forever. Or free forever with 
softphone app only, to many cities. (But the service has 'gone to the 
dogs' - I'll guess the business model hasn't been able to break even.)

MagicJack is $80 one time 
free for 6 months, then $30 annually. But - calls between MagicJack 
holders are free without charge forever. [Incoming calls are free, but 
will be long distance costing for the caller.]

Intriguing (but still not the free solution I was hoping for). Granted, 
even with a free sip registrar, the called party must also be using 
VoIP. i.e. Anyone VoIP registered would be reachable by any other VoIP 
user, even without registration, but to receive a call you'd need a 
registrar. (And with sipbroker would be reachable from landlines.)

Calling real phone numbers (PSTN) would not be possible. It would be 
with, say, $25 to voip.ms - at which point you would no longer need a 
registrar - voip.ms would be your registrar. (voip.ms says all voip to 
voip calls are free. But you must have a non-zero balance - although 
that balance will not be impacted.)

MagicJack sounds intriguing, but also sounds 'too good to be true'.

I'm guessing there's advertising and/or other irritants - but you get 
what you pay for, and it may be acceptable, for the cost, to some.

On 13-09-12 05:54 PM, Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:
> Yes, that is one way of doing it, but there is another way.
> If you go here: http://www.freephoneline.ca/optionalServices and clock on
> the "Fongo Home Phone" link, you will see the device, which is just like
> the Magic Jack: internet from one port, and RJ11 from the other. It is
> $4.95 a month. Magic Jack is $2.5 per month. The international rates for
> Magic Jack are cheaper (at least to Egypt) than Fongo's.
> On Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 5:43 PM, <jvj at golden.net> wrote:
>> Text copied from FONGO's website:
>> Fongo’s application works on any iPhone or Android based phone or device.
>> Users receive a new Canadian telephone number, free long distance calling
>> to most Canadian cities, unlimited airtime, voice mail, caller ID and many
>> more free features. [ edit ] Fongo enjoys privileged access to Fibernetics,
>> a Canadian CLEC that owns and operates its own coast-to-coast network in
>> Canada.
>> and
>> Fongo works by routing calls over the user’s Wi-Fi or data connection,
>> eliminating the need for expensive voice minutes.
>> BTW: FONGO is a div of Fibernetics hence the priveledged access.
>> JohnJ
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>>   Looking at Fongo, it seems like a VoIP to POTS hardware blackbox.
>> If we are in this territory already, then why not consider MagicJack? I
>> bought one for my mom in Egypt and she can call me for free (and I can call
>> her too), for $30 a year ($10 of those are for a Canada phone number that
>> is local to me).
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