[kwlug-disc] Favourite free sip registrars?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Mon Sep 9 09:53:40 EDT 2013

Anybody have a favourite free sip registrar?

I'm thinking of the usefulness of such for our homeless guests at OOTC - 
be it via Ekiga / laptop, or Android / CSipSimple, particularly when 
combined with sipbroker.

[Granted, such won't let them call PSTN numbers. But they would become 
reachable, themselves.]

[And that for an initial $25 at voip.ms they would be able to call PSTN 
numbers. DISA even. Assuming they had a credit card, which very few do.]

I'm guessing they wouldn't be able to do this on a library computer, 
even with an app on a USB key. Anyone know? Starbucks? Working Centre? 

Is this an area the Working Centre makes available / teaches/knowledge 


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