[kwlug-disc] UofW CSClub Security and Privacy series

Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Tue Oct 8 22:12:28 EDT 2013

I was at the first CSClub lecture tonight -- Sarah Harvey gave a very
accessible talk on Security and Privacy.

Since we're still lacking a second presenter for Monday, 4 November I
asked Sarah if she'd be interested in coming to KWLUG, and she's
amenable. What do the bosses of KWLUG think?


On 13-10-08 01:09 PM, Bob Jonkman wrote:
> Oops. Fixed in the text below, on http://cryptoparty.in and on
> http://watcamp.com
> --Bob.
> On 13-10-08 10:02 AM, Elana Hashman wrote:
>> Your email to KWLUG has a mistake: Simon's talk got switched with
>> Zak's, and you have them on the same day in your email. Simon's ‎talk
>> is correct, on the 24th, but Zak's is on Nov. 12. We had to swap them
>> due to speaker scheduling issues. Here's the link to Zak's new talk
>> details: http://csclub.uwaterloo.ca/events/MC_4060-2013-11-12-5:00PM
>> ‎So it's in MC 4060 at 5:00PM. And sorry about the confusion. There's
>> a news item on the website with a summary.
>> - e
> On 13-10-08 02:49 AM, Bob Jonkman should have written:
>> Hi again, everyone: The UofW CSCLub lecture dates and locations have
>>  been finalized, and all the URIs changed. Here's the updated info:
>> Why Should You Care About Security and Privacy Held in MC 4041, on 
>> 2013-10-08, at 5:00PM. The first lecture of our security and privacy 
>> series. By PhD student Sarah Harvey. 
>> http://csclub.uwaterloo.ca/events/MC_4041-2013-10-08-5:00PM
>> Tunnels and Censorship Held in MC 4060, on 2013-10-15, at 5:00PM.
>> The second lecture of our security and privacy series. By
>> undergraduate student Eric Dong. 
>> http://csclub.uwaterloo.ca/events/MC_4060-2013-10-15-5:00PM
>> Practical Tor Usage Held in DC 1302, on 2013-10-24, at 6:30PM. The 
>> fourth lecture of our security and privacy series. By undergraduate 
>> student Simon Gladstone. 
>> http://csclub.uwaterloo.ca/events/DC_1302-2013-10-24-6:30PM
>> Hands On Seminar on Public Key Cryptography Held in MC 3001 (Comfy), 
>> on 2013-11-05, at 6:00pm The fifth event in our security and privacy 
>> series. By undergraduate students Murphy Berzish and Nick Guenther. 
>> http://csclub.uwaterloo.ca/events/MC_3001_%28Comfy%29-2013-11-05-6:00PM
>> Disk Encryption Held in MC 4060 on 2013-11-12, at 5:00PM. The third 
>> lecture of our security and privacy series. By MMath alumnus Zak 
>> Blacher. http://csclub.uwaterloo.ca/events/MC_4060-2013-11-12-5:00PM
>> On 13-10-04 02:53 AM, Bob Jonkman wrote:
>>> The University of Waterloo Computer Science Club is hosting what 
>>> looks to be a great series of lectures on Security and Privacy:
>> [...]

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