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I've owned a couple of SGI O2's and in fact kept some of the TRAM. I'm sure the box is loaded with RAM, but whomever picks it up is also welcome to grab the RAM from me.

If you're planning on loading Linux on the O2 be aware that the CDROM doesn't use the standard type of rockridge extensions you've come to love on your PC. I do remember being able to create a CD that the O2 saw, but it took some digging.

I've also owned several Sun workstations, quite fun to play with. Bought a Sun Enterprise 2 on ebay about 8 years ago, great deal at 20 bucks, plus another 20 to ship (an honest ebay seller). Then proceeded to sink about $300 in parts to upgrade it to dual CPU, 2GB RAM (pretty good for a 200MHz box) and dual 9.1GB SCSI drives. The initial expense came from buying the small plastic bits, like drive caddies. Actually found one of the 9.1GB drives plus caddy for the same as the first caddy I bought alone. It's fun to play with if you've never worked on them, some neat BIOS stuff (test RAM for example). While what I had doesn't come close to awesomeness of today's tech, there's some cool stuff that you still don't find in modern consumer boxes.
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