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Which I answered in my post.

Check the forums or call. Make sure you read the agreement before 
signing up - it is the only provider I could see that explicitly didn't 
say you can't run a server. Further checking on their forums at the time 
noted that servers are allowed. What isn't allowed is unreasonable use - 
reasonable use being something most here could agree on. i.e. Web server 
traffic being reasonable. Unreasonable use mostly being illegal use - 
commercial spamming, or piracy file storage site.

I've no doubt you're not particularly interested in a server Khalid, but 
it was interesting / useful to know what the terms of use were.

In theory, providers can get you if you merely VNC home - after all, VNC 
is a 'server'. Presumably a test web site, e-mail or cms server, would 
also qualify as justification for Rogers to shut one down if they were 
so inclined.

On 13-11-11 04:29 PM, Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 12:25 PM, unsolicited<unsolicited at swiz.ca>  wrote:
>> Khalid: Be fair (to Acanac). Their front page,
>> http://ww.acanac.ca/cable.html, shows various rate plans, but to get the
>> best it's an annual fee. I can't find the fine print ('*' reference) to see
>> what the fee is after the first year, but last I looked it's that fee
>> annually - the '*' was a fine print reference to being held hostage to
>> CRTC/Rogers, and any wholesaler fee change would of course have to be
>> passed on. Added during a recent CRTC go around or 3 or 5. I expect the
>> same is true of any provider.
>> Looks like the best rate is $43.95/month ($527.40 annual), first year for
>> 35/3, peak 14/1. (They show other goodies too.) Rather cheaper than your
>> other choices.
> I went by what my friend (who has been their customer for 3 years and happy
> with them) told me, and thought it is their only plan. Should have checked.
> Now that I checked, they don't see what the following year cost will be
> after the promo. So a question mark there.
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