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Mon Nov 11 12:25:52 EST 2013

Acanac and Distributel partner on their backbones. This is Acanac 
territory - I don't expect Distributel is an option. And vice versa in 
other territories. But it's all the same backbone. As I understand it, 
it's whomever has the link from Roger's to their backbone - in this case 
it's Acanac at Roger's Grand Crest Kitchener location - AFAIK.

Acanac has forums at https://community.acanac.com/acanac/index.php. I 
suspect the others have their equivalents. No doubt each will have lots 
of complaints about each of the others. (Usually in the end blaming 
Rogers - whom, AFAICT, well deserves the blame. Physical connectivity 
issues, less so administrative ones.)

They also advertise a 30-day money back guarantee, excluding the 
activation fee and any modem purchase. (Last I checked, any purchased 
modem from any of them should be usable on any of the others.) At one 
point the Thomson was cheaper at Canada Computers. Currently, their 
Huawei MT130U at $75 is cheaper through them. (Last I looked.)

Khalid: Be fair (to Acanac). Their front page, 
http://ww.acanac.ca/cable.html, shows various rate plans, but to get the 
best it's an annual fee. I can't find the fine print ('*' reference) to 
see what the fee is after the first year, but last I looked it's that 
fee annually - the '*' was a fine print reference to being held hostage 
to CRTC/Rogers, and any wholesaler fee change would of course have to be 
passed on. Added during a recent CRTC go around or 3 or 5. I expect the 
same is true of any provider.

Looks like the best rate is $43.95/month ($527.40 annual), first year 
for 35/3, peak 14/1. (They show other goodies too.) Rather cheaper than 
your other choices.

Month to month it shows $49.95, 3 months $47.95, 6 $45.95, and as above, 
12 $43.95

On 13-11-11 10:54 AM, Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:
> Researching what is available on the market after I get rid of the land
> line, shows the following options:
> 1. Distributel, no contract
> 35/3  mbps unlimited $59.95
> 2. Start.ca, no contract
> 35/3  unlimited $59.95
> They offer an upload boast to 35/10 with unlimited for $69.95
> They also waive the $50 installation fee if you have active cable now
> 3. Teksavvy
> 35/3  300GB $49.95
> 35/3 unlimited $79.95
> Acanac
> A friend uses them, their service is OK, but require upfront payment for
> the whole year, $750. For cable, they bundle VoIP with it for free.
> So, the first two options seem the lowest cost with unlimited cap. Teksavvy
> is more well known though.
> Yes, I called Rogers but they don't want to give away an unlimited option
> until I am ready to cancel for real, then perhaps they will do it. So this
> has to be done later.
> Any other ISPs?
> Any experience with the above (good/bad)?
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