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Hi everyone,

I missed this during my meeting introduction, so here is the 
announcement itself. Richard is going to be giving a talk about how to 
use OpenStreetMap data as part of Mappy Hour in Toronto.


(P.S.: Some additional OSM news:
* they have a new javascript based editor, which I suspect might be 
discussed on Monday,
* and they are doing a fund raising drive to grow their server 

Both discussed here in more detail:

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Dear All,

The monthly meeting of Toronto area OpenStreetMap Enthusiasts (Mappy
Hour) is always a laugh-riot of Open Data Goodness, Geo Expertise and
baseless but entertaining rumours.  Come and join the fun.

In addition to the usual ad-hoc discussion and extensive question and
answer period, this month we've added a formal presentation!

How to use OpenStreetMap Data

The presentation will cover the very basics of how to use OpenStreetMap
data from

- What is it?
- What can I do with it?
- How do I go about that effectively?
- What are the cool kids doing with this data?

The presentation is brief and aimed at all audiences, technical and
non-technical, with an interest in learning more about OpenStreetMap
data.  The goal is to cover some of the common questions, dispel some of
the common misunderstandings, and provide a solid base for your follow
up questions and discussion afterwards.

Who: You!
Why: You love data and maps.
When: Monday, 13 May 2013.  6:30 pm
Where: C'est What, 67 Front Street East, near Church
Map: http://osm.org/go/ZX6BrdRDH--?m

Please RSVP by email off-list, or RSVP via the meetup page

Apologies to those of you who are not near enough to Toronto to attend.
Please consider passing this invitation along to your friends and
colleagues that might not be on this list, and who might be interested
in attending.  Mappy Hour is always receptive to OpenStreetMap newcomers.

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