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Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Thu May 2 21:29:44 EDT 2013

It's great to see so many people answering my naive questions on the
list.  But I was really angling to get Chris to do a presentation on
this thing.  According to the Web site, it's an Open Hardware device
(and I assume the software is FLOSS too), so prime material for a


On 13-05-02 09:01 PM, unsolicited wrote:
> There's no easy way to answer this except by deep dive.
> In the mean time, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_profile
> Agreed, it's much easier to explore / explain visually in person. (Let
> alone, creating such would be QUITE effort intensive.)
> In essence, everything and everybody perceives and displays colour
> differently. e.g. Every human and device sees white differently. Let
> alone different intensities / brightness. And the human eye has the
> remarkable facility / adaptability to understand that white under
> fluorescent light is the same white as seen in direct sunlight, or
> direct projection vs reflection - such as monitor vs print.
> Colour profiling provides a matrix to transform a given input or output
> to a commonly accepted definition of (a/) colour. Each device needs one
> to perceive or project the same colours as the same colours / intensity.
> Without it, for example, a sunset picture appears with different hues to
> different people.
> The hug, since it knows it's own profile / how it perceives colour,
> 'scans' a monitor displaying a provided known colour image, and computes
> the matrix that transforms the displayed image into the known correct
> values.
> Creating a colour profile that you then tell the computer to use. So
> that you, the viewer, see an image colour corrected for the
> peculiarities of that particular monitor.
> A long and exhaustive chain is involved here - the camera has a profile,
> the monitor has a profile, the printer has a profile, the image
> purchaser's monitor has a different profile ...
> (And we haven't even touched on the concept of colour gamut, bleed, or
> resolution, nor the limitations of particular technologies. See
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LCD_panel to keep going.)
> It is more than just a purist's issue, but that is not commonly
> recognized. (e.g. Various photo sites degrade images to some extent.
> Compression, .jpg vs .png vs .tif, software, 8-bit gimp vs 32-bit Raw
> Therapee, comes into play ...
> ... anyone know if there's a photography equivalent to kwlug in the area?
> On 13-05-01 03:27 PM, Bob Jonkman wrote:
>> What is this? What does it do? OK, colour profiles. What does that mean?
>> How does it work? Why would I want you to profile my laptop?
>> FAQs? We don't need no hughski FAQs! We need a presentation!
>> On 13-05-01 01:15 PM, Chris Irwin wrote:
>>> I had previously mentioned that I received a Colour Hug device for
>>> creating colour profiles for displays, and that I would be bringing it
>>> to a future meeting. If nobody remembers that, it's because it was
>>> June 2012!
>>> I will definitely be at the May meeting, and definitely have the
>>> ColourHug device with me. And this time, I mean it! :)
>>> If anybody wants to have a profile created for their laptop, I can run
>>> a some on a first-come first-serve basis at the meeting, provided I
>>> can set up at the back where I can hear the ZFS talk without
>>> distracting Lori.
>>> For more information about the ColorHug, check out the website. In
>>> particular, read the FAQ if you're interested in having a profile
>>> created.
>>> ColourHug: http://hughski.com/
>>> FAQ: http://hughski.com/faq.html
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