[kwlug-disc] rogers cable modem upgrade?

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Wed Jun 19 13:23:28 EDT 2013

- you might inquire if the e-mail account is tied to the service. e.g. 
If you cancel the service will you lose the e-mail address.

- my Roger's bill shows the services broken out. You might want to 
quantify the discount against the savings of another provider, and the 
payback period. You can also call them and have them calculate things 
for you. (Although I've heard cases where 3 different reps looking at 
the same numbers give you 3 different answers.) At one point I costed 
out Acanac at a 6 month payback period, then modem prices went up.

Turn off their wireless, preferably get one without, swap devices, get 
on with your day without change - unless and until you're ready to deal 
with that change. The d-link should continue to work as it always has. 
Even if you don't turn off their wireless, that should still be true. 
Heck, unscrew their antenna, for that matter. (Although you may want to 
change the d-link wi-fi channel if there's conflict / overlap.)

- I far prefer things like wi-fi to be under my, and only my, direct 
control. For some reason, I don't entirely trust providers.

[Some assumptions here ... e.g. your internet is provided to you via 
physical wire from roger's and you've been providing your own wi-fi 
service to yourself via the d-link.]

- I have received no similar demand from Rogers. My modem (at, as usual) reports SA 'WebSTAR DPC2100R2'.

On 13-06-19 12:00 PM, John Kerr wrote:
> Hi everyone
> I just been advised by Rogers to bring in my old cable modem for a
> new one or else.
> Any opinions on the Rogers wireless cable modems? Are they good, or
> crappy?
> Should I turn off my year old d-link and use their wireless?
> Can I use the d-link as a wireless bridge with the Rogers Wireless?
> Any nuggets of wisdom from your experience would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> John
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