[kwlug-disc] Linux certs and employability

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Mon Jul 29 15:23:42 EDT 2013

We got a request over the website feedback form from somebody who is
interested in getting into Linux administration. Here is part of the

I am a Windows Admin but I always liked Linux and I really believe
that it is  time for me to do something about this.
Now, i would like you to tell me what courses I should take to become
a Linux Admin.
I use Linux on daily bases at home, I am pretty comfortable with it
but I would like to do more than using it at home. You know what I

I will write back to this person, but I am not sure what advice would
be helpful. 

Are there standard, good-quality certs that get people in the door?
People used to recommend the Red Hat certs. Is that still the case? Do
the LPI certs mean anything?

Those who are in position to hire: what sorts of things are you
looking for in sysadmins? What path would help get this person from
where they are now (Windows admin, personal Linux experience) to a
place where you would consider hiring them as a Linux admin?

- Paul


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