[kwlug-disc] printers ... wtf?

Chris Bruner cbruner at quadro.net
Sun Jul 21 22:59:47 EDT 2013

I've never had so many problems getting a printer to work, from 8 bit on.

I've gone through two different printers in the last week, so I'm 
thinking it's not a printer problem but a local one.
Both printers are USB, and both are detected by the computer.
I'm now on a Brother DCP-7060D, that I want to use for printing scanning 
What I'm seeing is that the printer installs correctly, but when I try 
to print anything it nothing happens. (Printer doesn't even warm up).The 
print job appears in the cups queue and then goes away like it should.

The scanner on the same machine will work, unless there has been 
something printed. (I think this is what is going on). In that case I 
get a "Error during device I/O" error.

Anybody have any ideas of what could be going wrong, or how to diagnose 

Chris Bruner

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