[kwlug-disc] Question regarding Lenovo G780

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Mon Feb 25 22:51:48 EST 2013

I bought a new Lenovo G780 laptop in November 2012 with the hope of 
loading linux on it.
I have tried several versions of linux,  Fedora18,  Ubuntu 12.04. Mint, 
can't remember the version.

What I've found is that none of the versions of Linux directly support 
the version of the Broadcom wireless card, the Ethernet card or the 
After searching the internet it appears I am not alone with the 
problems.  My last Lenovo laptop worked no problems with Ubuntu 10.04.
So the general question is this does anyone out there have this system 
and have all three of these interfaces working.

I been searching in general about bluetooth and linux and it appears 
people are having making bluetooth work on Linux in general.
Am I to believe that bluetooth is only supported by Windows??

Dan Hergott

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