[kwlug-disc] OT: Hotmail/Yahoo account breakins

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sat Feb 16 19:23:39 EST 2013

On 13-02-16 02:19 PM, Chris Frey wrote:
> And if you're using Linux, you can use the concept of multiple user
> accounts to achieve "different browser" without actually using
> different browsers.
> i.e. login to your "bank" user for banking, "flash" user for youtube,
> main user has javascript and flash disabled.
> You can be logged in to multiple accounts at once too.

Thanks for that - I had forgotten about such.

Should be applicable to Windows too, via 'run as'.

Mind you, have to set up accounts, not always easy for users. Let alone, 
on windows, people frequently don't have accounts at all. (Not even log 
in automatically with a password of password.)

For Linux, multiple X sessions (Ctrl-Alt-F8, etc.) would also be 
possible. This X for home, this X for wide area browsing, that one for 
banking ...

      For Bob, this would be Ctr-Alt-F1 for Home Mutt, Ctrl-Alt-F2 for 
general pine, Ctrl-Alt-F3 for lynx, ... (-:

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