[kwlug-disc] Has anyone done a demo on wireshark

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Feb 9 20:58:05 EST 2013

On Fri, Feb 08, 2013 at 10:17:05AM -0500, Chamunks Arkturus wrote:
> other pen-testing and/or network analysis tools.  If someone would be
> interested it would be a nice way to show people whats possible today in
> network security.

I do not know that we have had much coverage of these. I saw a
Wireshark demo at WWITPro once. Tim covered a few of these tools in
his presentation on system administration toolkits. 

I would be interested in having such a presentation happen. Given that
I am a bad person you would expect that I have lots of experience with
blackhat tools, but I only have a passing familiarity with them.

- Paul


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