[kwlug-disc] 101 things to do with your cloud <xxx> [Was: Re: Any experience with cloudatcost.com VPS?]

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Sun Dec 15 03:53:50 EST 2013

Given all this talk of ('personal') cloud <things> ...

A topic of '101 things to do with your cloud <xyz> ...' might be in order.

Great that they're out there.

To do what?

Why would one want one?

Get yours today! Why, again?

IIUC, this would also apply to one's own OwnCloud.

But also leads to the 'How to migrate your OwnCloud to the ... 'real' Cloud?

(Sorry for clouding around?)

On 13-12-15 01:04 AM, Andrew Sullivan Cant wrote:
> Me too....I'll try to connect with someone at Fibernetics and see where
> things go.
> My original thought was an engineering focused presentation, if that was
> possible, and not just a sales focused one. It would seem more
> appropriate given the audience.
> And if there are interesting problems that the folks at Cloudatcost have
> worked through, then a shoot-out style might take away from that.
> But in a similar vein, if anyone hears of companies/projects around the
> area with are doing something cool with FLOSS it would seem reasonable
> to invite them to show it off.
> Andrew
> On 2013-12-06 4:41 PM, Bob Jonkman wrote:
>> Is this happening? I hope so...
>> --Bob.
>> On 13-11-18 12:21 PM, Paul Nijjar wrote:
>>> I would be okay with a shootout, but even if we had only Chris or
>>> another member of Fibernetics speak, that would be sufficient. It
>>> could be less of a sales pitch and more of a peek into what
>>> Fibernetics is and what they do. From what I understand it is a pretty
>>> interesting story.
>>> - Paul
>>> On Sun, Nov 17, 2013 at 09:33:51PM -0500, Bob Jonkman wrote:
>>>> Andrew Sullivan Cant wrote:
>>>>> hmmm actually I wonder if anyone from Fibretech is on this list, and
>>>>> might be interested in giving a presentation about what they are
>>>>> doing?
>>>> If we're having commercial vendors come in, I'd like to see it as a
>>>> vendor shootout.  Bring in three competitors, each can pitch to the
>>>> crowd for 30 minutes (with 15 min between presentations to mop up the
>>>> blood).
>>>> Locally, in addition to Fibrenetics we also have Sentex and Execulink
>>>> with hosting packages.  None of them are Big Media (ie. Bell or
>>>> Rogers),
>>>> so they'll be pitching to a friendly crowd.
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