[kwlug-disc] Which vendor for Raspberry Pi kits?

John Miles jmiles242 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 10 05:32:59 EST 2013

I've bought them directly from Sayal Electronics in Cambridge and
Burlington. Not too many options for cases, power supplies etc though.

On 2013-12-09 10:22 PM, "Khalid Baheyeldin" <kb at 2bits.com> wrote:

> I am considering building a small server that would have a largish USB
> disk. The server would be rsynced from the main server, and runs minidlna
> for access to photos, videos, music, ...etc.
> The Raspberry Pi seems like a good platform for this, being low power and
> runs Linux.
> Online sites are selling kits that include a power supply, SD card
> preloaded with NOOBS, and a case as well.
> So, the question is, anyone here order Raspberry Pis? Where did you order
> it from? Canadian or USA based? Did they ship on time? Did you pay customs?
> Looking for experiences, sites to avoid/recommend, ...etc.
> Examples I saw are Amazon, and this
> http://canada.newark.com/raspberry-pi-accessories
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