[kwlug-disc] How much CPU to keep a disk fed? [Was: Re: Which vendor for Raspberry Pi kits?]

peter_melse at gto.net peter_melse at gto.net
Tue Dec 10 00:34:59 EST 2013

 I've been using a pi as a media center running xmbc for a little while 
 now. (and absolutely love it.)

 Last week I recently purchased the model b kit from newark (and a 
 non-lego case for my existing)
 some of my order arrived the next day! still waiting on the rest. 
 (newark has a pretty good reputation)

 Some things you should keep in mind is that the 5VDC @1A power supply 
 is just enough to power the pi. If you're connecting addtional USB 
 drives, or a keyboard, mouse you'll need an additional powered usb hub 
 in order to avoid hard locks.

 on the XBMC side (granted not your goal, but folk might find this 
 helpful)  I'm streaming hi def(720, need to test 1080) content over 
 10/100 ethernet no problem from a NAS. my distro of choice is raspbmc, 
 and I'm using my tv remote (with hdmi-cec) to control the thing. This 
 configuration is plug and pray with raspbmc, and all I needed to do was 
 add my shares to xmbc using the gui.

 If anyone's looking for a ~$80 gift/device for a network storage 
 enabled media server, and has a modern TV, this setup wins hands down 
 over an apple tv for my (open source) money.

 On Mon, 09 Dec 2013 23:17:38 -0500, unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca> 
> Just how much CPU power does it take to keep a (USB? eSata?) disk
> fed, anyways?
> (Guess it depends if you're running something checksumming, like
> BTRFS, I suppose, too?)
> I've seen some mirroring (striping?) external USB boxes, but I wonder
> if catching a multi-GB rsync feed nightly would be beyond a Pi.
> Note: My question, not Khalid's. Different beastie.
> Are there other 'Pi' beasties out there?
> On 13-12-09 10:22 PM, Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:
>> I am considering building a small server that would have a largish 
>> USB
>> disk. The server would be rsynced from the main server, and runs 
>> minidlna
>> for access to photos, videos, music, ...etc.
>> The Raspberry Pi seems like a good platform for this, being low 
>> power and
>> runs Linux.
>> Online sites are selling kits that include a power supply, SD card
>> preloaded with NOOBS, and a case as well.
>> So, the question is, anyone here order Raspberry Pis? Where did you 
>> order
>> it from? Canadian or USA based? Did they ship on time? Did you pay 
>> customs?
>> Looking for experiences, sites to avoid/recommend, ...etc.
>> Examples I saw are Amazon, and this
>> http://canada.newark.com/raspberry-pi-accessories
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