[kwlug-disc] XML / XSL / XSD/ XSLT 'development' 'environment' / 'gui'?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Wed Dec 4 23:58:09 EST 2013

None of this is optional. It is take in xml files, create an .xsl that 
templates the xml database into a report.

On 13-12-04 05:04 PM, Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:
> My advice is: if you can avoid development that has non trivial amount of
> XML, then do so, and preserve your sanity, and hair.
> On Dec 4, 2013 4:32 PM, "unsolicited" <unsolicited at swiz.ca> wrote:
>> I know zero of xml. Lots of other languages, but haven't needed this until
>> now. No development experience in a Linux environment, well, bash
>> scripting. Never really made it to GUI's, either, for that matter.
>> I'm using AbstractSpoon's ToDoList (http://www.abstractspoon.com/
>> tdl_resources.html) - one of the only todolists / tools I know of out
>> there that does (infinite) subtasks. Runs under wine. (At least mostly.)
>> It stores its lists in xml (.tdl files), has provided schema (.xsd) files,
>> a number of stylesheets (.xsl), and will allow one to execute the transform
>> and produce an output file, e.g. .html.
>> Printing is -definitely- not its strong suit, as its developer will admit.
>> I'm looking for something that will let me pull all these files together,
>> .xsd, .xml, .xsl, let me beat up on the .xsl into a revised .xsl (in
>> essence a report template), and output that .xsl out again. For TDL to then
>> use for printing.
>> I've seen that xsltproc is out there (msxsl 'equivalent'?), but that is a
>> 'filter' / pipe, not a 'development' tool. Well, other than edit a file,
>> feed xsltproc a schema and xml data file to produce an html file, see
>> what's wrong, edit a source file, repeat.
>> What's out there / what am I looking for that's useful for doing this
>> easier? At least list for me the data dictionary rather than visually
>> deciphering it by studying the .xsd. Preferably slicking up the 'these
>> inputs', 'transform', 'produces these outputs' iterations.
>> I guess I'm looking for an 'xml report writer'. Is there such a beastie?
>> I've heard of iReport and 'xml notepad 2007' but know nothing of them.
>> Both are windows software.
>> Not real sure what to call what I'm looking for to know what I'm looking
>> for - suggestions welcome.
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