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Tue Dec 3 13:50:51 EST 2013

Thanks Khalid, remind me ...

One plugs their traditional phone handset (could be a multi-handset 
cordless base station) into one of these doohickeys, and the doohickey 
plugs into your local computer and/or network (non-wi-fi)? i.e. Even 
with network, plugging into usb will let you choose configuration 
options if so desired.

- and/or uses the BT you noted. (How does one dial with a BT headset and 
net. only connection?)

- or, for that matter, when travelling and a hotel only has wi-fi?

It all just works for you? Plug and play and get on with your day? 
Sufficiently good call quality, etc.?

On 13-12-03 10:59 AM, Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:
> On Dec 3, 2013 12:25 AM, "unsolicited" <unsolicited at swiz.ca> wrote:
>> FWIW, I've always thought it would be a bad idea.
>> If part of the point of vendor selection is to be vendor
>> independent, getting VoIP with your carrier, then maybe
>> having to move, seems counter-intuitive - if there are
>> other choices available.
> I absolutely agree with this. Decoupling and minimizing dependencies is the
> best strategy. Bundling is bad, and makes moving away from a provider much
> harder.
>> Khalid was looking into USB dongle VoIP thingies not long
>> ago - perhaps they have a role in your calling, too.
> Magic Jack is still the cheapest option. You can get the device for $50
> when on sale, add $10 if regular retail. For $30 a year you get free
> calling to Canada and the USA and a Canadian number with caller ID ...etc
> Moving your existing number to them is possible but some report delays and
> snafus that made me wary of doing so.
> I settled on Ooma Telo, which are more reliable and quicker to port
> numbers, and offer a 60 day trial period (hardware is 30 days return via
> Bestbuy).
> The monthly cost 3.99 a month for free Canada wide calling, and $10 more
> for USA which gives you an additional USA number, so relatives can call you
> for free, and many nice features. The device is $150 but is discounted to
> 130 and bundled with blue tooth for a headset.
> Oh, and it is Linux based with the source on their web site!
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