[kwlug-disc] Linux 'equivalent' to Windows 'start' command.

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Thu Aug 15 14:33:51 EDT 2013

Excellent. Thanks.

Apparently xdg- / gnome- / kde-open are out there as well. My test 
showed it wouldn't run executables.

'start .' was just an example. Perhaps an unfortunate one in this case - 
having to do 'konqueror --profile filemanagement', with or without the 
'.' is perfectly fine.

Thanks for nohup, I'll have to check it out.

Detaching from the window is a good thing - and the behaviour of start.

In essence, a command line alternative to Alt-F2.

And 'konqueror --profile filemanagement' is as good an example as any.

On 13-08-15 01:03 PM, Rashkae wrote:
> On 13-08-15 11:56 AM, unsolicited wrote:
>> Try it.
>> See if what you get matches what I described as I'm looking for.
> But if you also want output to console to automatically be hidden, your
> start equivalent is nohup,
> Unfortunately, no easy shortcut to open the file browser, you will have
> to specify the file browser you want before the .
> example nohup caja . or nohup nautilus .
> And be aware that nohup also detaches the child process from the
> terminal as a parent. (so closing the terminal will not close processes
> opened with nohup.)

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