[kwlug-disc] (Easy) Linux File Sharing?

peter_melse at gto.net peter_melse at gto.net
Tue Aug 6 15:21:45 EDT 2013

 This may seem like an odd question, but has anyone tried afp?
 I'm curious as to where it sits in bandwidth overhead in relation to 
 smb/cifs and nfs.

 On Tue, 6 Aug 2013 13:53:52 -0400, Adam Glauser <adamglauser at gmail.com> 
> My searching suggests that Samba is configured by default to use the
> system user list as its user list, using the settings 'security=user'
> and 'unix password sync = yes' in the smb.conf file. Apparently on
> user creation the extra step of running `smbpasswd user password` is
> required, but after that the 'passwd' command should update both
> /etc/shadow and the Samba password file. I don't recall having to set
> up separate Samba users on my network, but I typically use globally
> accessible shares for convenience's sake.
> It looks like you could get close to what you want using autofs to
> mount shares (SMB, SSH or NFS) on the fly. Basically, you can set
> things up so you can use a path like /mnt/smb/server/, and autofs 
> will
> automatically mount the share.
> This howto[1] assumes a single password per Samba server, but I
> *think* it should be possible to modify the example /etc/autofs.cifs
> script to allow the user and password to be specified in the path:
> $ cp localFile /mnt/smb/user at server:password/share/path
> In the example script, you'd have to extract the 'server' string from
> the $1 argument and store it in $key, as well as extracting the
> username and path from the $1 argument (if they are supplied) and
> using those instead of retrieving the defaults from $credfile.
> I guess this sort of fails the 'easy' test, but at least the tricky
> part is a one-shot deal when setting up a machine.
> [1] 
> http://www.howtoforge.com/accessing_windows_or_samba_shares_using_autofs
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