[kwlug-disc] (Easy) Linux File Sharing?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Mon Aug 5 17:44:34 EDT 2013

On 13-08-05 01:01 PM, Adam Glauser wrote:
> Tony, I think your comment about the encryption overhead of SSH being
> insignificant is likely true for PC-like devices, but I do have a
> counterexample. My D-Link NAS device has SSH support added by alternate
> firmware, but it definitely slows things down compared to SMB file
> transfers.

Yep, wee little beasties get the life sucked out of them when they have 
to do encryption. IIRC, having them as VPN end points causes the same.

My D-Link DIR-857 ('Dualband HD Media Router') also has a non-standard 
implementation of Samba, which is just a joke.

IIRC it was Richard who tried to use NFS with his equivalent for his 
media, and had to give up on it.

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