[kwlug-disc] Linux certs and employability

John Johnson jvj at golden.net
Sun Aug 4 21:46:34 EDT 2013

On 2013-07-29 20:41, unsolicited wrote:
> Get a 2nd computer. Run Linux. ....  None of the dual-booting nonsense.

< ... snip ....>

I have done the above as mentioned by unsolicited.

My Windows box and my Linux box serve two purposes.

The Linux box is running Ubuntu and Apache. The latter is set up as a 
web-server (following the information described in a post elsewhere on 
the KWLUG website).

I have expanded the webserver beyond the standard Apache "It works" 
pages to bring up pages using the following technologies:
CGI/Perl (basic), HTML (basic), JavaScript (basic) and PHP (also basic). 
Note the omission of CSS which will follow at a later date.
For my own purposes, I have a page of server-side code written in Lua.

I tinker with these pages so that my recently gained knowledge of the 
technologies mentioned above does not go stale.
(Not that long ago I did not know that there were server-side and client 
side technologies to consider.)

On the first rev of the Linux box I had a client website - also posted 
to a real host elsewhere - running under the webserver.
The client website makes use of CSS in the HTML.

All of the above is specific to my Linux based webserver. I do not know 
about other aspects of administration of an enterprise network running 
under Linux.

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