[kwlug-disc] Residential Network Cable Installer

Colin Mackay zixiekat at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 00:41:39 EDT 2013

Good morning LUG members.

I'm looking for some recommendations for someone to run some network drops
from the basement to rooms on the second floor of my house, in New Hamburg.
 I know of at least two ways to get the cable up to the attic, but am out
of commission at the moment with a knee injury. Heck, I can't really get
into the attic even without the injury.

This will require, going up into the attic to pull cables up and then drop
them down interior walls, so I am wondering if anyone can recommend
someone?  Looking for 10-12 drops, over 4 rooms, depending on price...

I currently use a DD-WRT router, but MythTV does NOT like pulling HD
content from my HD Homerun over 802.11n.

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