[kwlug-disc] ownCloud

Chris Irwin chris at chrisirwin.ca
Tue Apr 16 19:50:04 EDT 2013

> Why virtualized?

I can't answer for Bob, but I've got a headless box with Fedora 18 on it.
Installed the @virtualization group on the headless box, and installed
virt-manager on my desktop. Now I can replace the hardware and upgrade the
base OS, without worry. Plus it allows me to compartmentalize my machines
(asterisk is separate from owncloud, separate from public-facing VM, etc).

I was getting frustrated with my "megaserver", which had everything
cohabiting for better or worse. Now as I experiment with owncloud, my
phones don't go down.

> And why are you not happy with it?

I'm very curious about this too. I'm frustrated with my Google dependency
also, and owncloud seemed like a better option than DIY-everything.
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