[kwlug-disc] Any point to a K-W LUG Google+ Community?

Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Tue Apr 16 03:27:41 EDT 2013

Unsolicted asks:
>Anybody see any point to a K-W Lug Google+ Community?

Short answer: No.

I've been trying very hard to become Google-free, so I hardly ever look
at Google any more.

Back in 2007 I thought I'd go all-in with Google, and signed up for
Google Calendar, GMail, Google Chat, a Blogspot blog, their Webmaster
services, and Google Desktop. I handed out some of the early Google Wave
invitations, but I ignored the existence of Google Buzz (just like the
rest of the world). I'm still getting postal mail from Google urging me
to renew my commercial subscription to Adwords...

By the end of 2009 I was sufficiently disillusioned with Google to
migrate off all its services, except Calendar (mostly to maintain the
WatCamp calendar. For my personal calendar I'm now using a virtualized
ownCloud instance, but I'm not happy with it).

I did check out Google Plus, was ready to give up on it after a week,
but at the advice of KWLUG friends I ran with it a while longer. 
Verdict? Not much good, since I can't use it with any of my tools that
use standard protocols: no Atom/RSS, no XMPP, no iCal, no SMTP, POP3 or
IMAP. So there's no way to integrate it with the existing KWLUG site, or
the mailing list, or anything.  Which makes it just another propietary
silo that I'd have to leave my existing software to use.


(I've been meaning to send this for a few days; just got your other
message which finally spurred me into action)


On 13-04-08 10:19 AM, unsolicited wrote:
> Anybody see any point to a K-W Lug Google+ Community?
> I sent out a circle to those of you I found, and there's a surprising
> number, but I suspect that isn't what I meant to do. (Apologies. Still
> grokking google+ / the google ecosystem.)
> By sending out the circle, I expected the recipients could mutually
> share the circle of recipients, but I'm guessing what I actually did
> was merely give the recipients an opportunity to follow those
> kwlug'gers I had found. As individuals.
> Moreover, there is nothing to limit the topics from such circle
> members to kwlug news / bits - although John's (dive) pictures are
> really good viewing! As are many others / posts.
> I suspect what I'm thinking of is group kwlug chat on kwlug tidbits.
> Which I think is a google+ community, to which 'circle' members
> subscribe. kwlug specific bits can be sent, while not limiting senders
> to only their kwlug 'circle'. (Google Hangout seems to be the same, is
> time/ # members limited, but adds video.) Circle members and newcomers
> could also then find everybody in one shot / place.
> Hangout seems pointless since the meetings are being videographed,
> anyways, but chat (google+ community) could be useful, for example,
> for in meeting presentation non-interrupting discussion, or question
> submission.
> If there's interest in this, I'll create a Google+ Page to be the
> beacon / owner of the Community and let the list know. Those
> interested could go and join, and/or I could invite those kwluggers
> I've come across thus far.
> The e-mail lists are 'limited' in their topics ('Linux', 'K-W', etc.,
> <sort of>), and that's a good thing. Not sure if a Community should be
> similarly limited - I've generally found kwluggers to be 'good'
> people, making 'quality' posts. I've almost universally enjoyed their
> thoughts, pictures, humour, or good news.
> Thoughts? I should create a Community? Posts should be limited
> (although there's no way to enforced it)? [Membership can be, but not
> posts.]
> (Or confirmation / corrections of how google+ <stuff> works.)
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