[kwlug-disc] Announce: kwlug Google+ page & kwlug-community Google+ community created.

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Tue Apr 16 03:18:06 EDT 2013

I have created a +kwlug page on google+ for any interested.

An associated +kwlug-community has also been created. Membership will be 
limited - for the moment the criteria I'll use is subscription to 
kwlug-announce. (kwlug-disc?)

Additional moderators have or will be been added soon for survivability. 
If you receive such an invitation, feel free to refuse. If someone else 
with google+-fu is interested, please let me know.

When in google+ searching for kwlug should show these - please join 
('follow'?) if you feel inclined. I'm guessing not everyone would 
appreciate being invited directly as that would be requiring an action 
on your part to opt-out, rather than an action being required for opt-in.

What, if anything, will come of this remains to be seen and will be up 
to those participating.

I'm sort of thinking of it as a way for the kwlug community to share 
their area lives to the extent that they wish, perhaps in ways they 
might not think appropriate for this list. I, for one, am always pleased 
to see and hear of kwlug'gers doing well in their endeavours.

kwlug'gers be 'good people'.


Suggestions welcome. Yes, goofy front page graphic and too large 
(apparently a beef of many since they imposed that change).

Still wrapping my head around google+, but if I understand correctly, in 
essence a community is a mutually visible/shared circle, unlike just an 
individual or a page - a newcomer joining should be able to dynamically 
find and see everyone else already present.

Unlike an individual or page where a circle must be periodically sent if 
others are to pick up on changes, and they themselves must then take 
action to process those changes.

My guess at the moment is that the page would almost never post - 
perhaps only maintenance (?) notices. Presumably those sharing something 
with the community (or public) would largely restrict themselves to 
items of interest of the K-W area, a LUG, impacts upon those, or news of 
themselves. (I'm guessing/groping, on that.)

Comments, thoughts, suggestions, welcome.

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