[kwlug-disc] Bundling HD's. LVM vs mdadm vs ???

Chris Irwin chris at chrisirwin.ca
Thu Apr 11 10:17:13 EDT 2013

I put my trust behind on ext4 on LVM on a mdadm RAID 1 mirror. Every distro
supports those (though optionally, in Ubuntu's case), so your recovery
options are open.

Using something like ZFS (or eventually, BTRFS) would be nice, if only for
checksums to verify the integrity of your data, which we don't get now.
That said, I'd never rely on a file system I have to patch in or build
myself. I want smarter people than me to be worrying about that part.

On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 9:01 AM, unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca> wrote:

> I'm running out of backup space, so I'm probably going to buy a larger
> drive, and move a current drive into another computer - expecting to bundle
> it with the drive already there into a single logical presentation. (Add
> 4TB, move 2TB -> 2TB + 2TB = 4TB.)
> I don't 'do' RAID (at least at home, where high availability isn't an
> issue), and mistrust striping - lose 1 drive, both be gone. I prefer to say
> 'this' amount of space for 'this' purpose, so when I run out of space I'm
> aware of and address the issue.
> (Presumably a worst case scenario for such bundling upon failure is losing
> one file - the one that crosses physical drives. Correct, even today?)
> I've known for some time LVM is out there, just never needed it. There's
> also mdadm ('LINEAR') [Which I gather LVM calls upon.]
> Any particular pros / cons / preferences / suggestions / thoughts for
> bundling multiple drives into a single logical drive?
> -----
> I'm guessing the only reasonable drive out there at the moment is a WD
> Black - (5 yr warranty, 7200, SATA3, availability / stock levels). Counter
> suggestions?
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