[kwlug-disc] How to start with Android?

Nickle, Brian brian at nickle.ca
Tue Sep 25 13:36:01 EDT 2012

My advice is to pick out the phones you are interested in and then go to
the xda forums http://forum.xda-developers.com and lookup each phone.  On
the forums you can see how easy it is to root and Rom the phone how many
roms are available etc.

On 2012-09-25 12:25 PM, "Khalid Baheyeldin" <kb at 2bits.com> wrote:

> On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 5:03 AM, unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca> wrote:
>> As Khalid has noted in the past, kijiji seems to have a bevy of Android
>> capable phones these days.
> Yes, that is still valid, I just bought a friend one off Kijiji. Works
> well.
>> I understand, given appropriate hardware, such can be upgraded to ics
>> (Ice Cream Sandwich) or jb (Jelly Bean). [Googling on that shows multiple
>> paths: stock Android, Samsung updates, other mods - not sure where to start
>> here.]
> Not all makes/models commit to upgrades. Policy varies from one maker to
> the other. For example, Sony usually upgrades last year's models to the
> latest current version. So my Sony Xperia Arc came with Gingerbread, but is
> upgradable to Ice Cream Sandwich, which I did. Now, your carrier can delay
> things further or decide not to upgrade. The trick is to use firmware that
> is "Global" and/or "Generic", or some European firmware. Did that twice on
> Sony with 2.3 and 4.0, and works fine.
> I've also seen references to cyanogenmod. e.g. on kwlug-disc.
>> Simple googling drowns me in material.
>> I'm guessing cyanogenmod is what one wants, so go to
>> http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/**index.php<http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/index.php>and follow the bouncing ball.
>> Is this the way to start pulling on this string?
> I have not upgraded to CyanogenMod, because Rogers' Sony phones are
> bootloader locked, and forbid installing non-Sony firmware. But the phone
> is still vastly useful even with Sony's firmware.
> [Looking at http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/wiki/Samsung_Galaxy_S_II:_FAQ,
>> looks like some things have a 'Tegra 2 SoC',whatever that is, and so
>> cyanogenmod is off the table for these? Where best to go in the
>> 'alternative'?]
> SoC is System on a Chip.
> But that same page lists several model numbers that are supported, so you
> can ask the seller what is the model number from Settings -> About Phone.
> Or you could stay with the manufacturer/carrier firmware, with a cheaper
> handset to begin with, then see if you will change your mind after 6 months
> of usage or so. That is what I did, and I am staying with Sony for a while.
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