[kwlug-disc] Software Freedom Day (last invite! promise!)

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Wed Sep 19 19:44:27 EDT 2012

Since I am in MARKETING MODE I thought I would send out one last
invitation to Software Freedom Day this year. It's the last one, I

This Saturday a few of us (at The Working Centre and points beyond)
will be holding Software Freedom Day celebrations this Saturday.
Although this might sound like the nerdiest holiday ever (nerdier than
Ballpoint Pen Day? Star Wars Day?), many of us benefit from Free and
Open Source software in many ways, and it is worth taking a day out 
to appreciate it.  

At the Queen Street Commons we will have some talks, all of which are
suitable for general audiences who are diametrically opposed to
nerdiness and maybe even opposed to computers. Here is the schedule:

10:30am - David Carr: Make Your Own Freedom By Writing Your Own

11:30am - Joseph Wennechuk: Transitioning from Manufacturing Work to

12:30pm - Bob Jonkman: What Is Software Freedom?

1:30pm - Stefan Chirila: Free Software is mainstream. The silent
revolution is over.
(Stefan will include material on photography software.)

2:30pm - John Eddie Kerr: How Free Software Affects Consumers and

At Computer Recycling (10am-4pm) we will have an install/helpfest,
where volunteers can help you put Free Software (for Windows or Linux)
on your computer and can assist you with troubleshooting problems and
answering questions. We also have CDs and DVDs to give away.

Feel free to pass this on to anybody you know who might
have an interest in computing and/or local community connections
around Linux and Free Software.

- Paul

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