[kwlug-disc] Archive.ORG and Archival Audio Quality Torrent Site. REDACTEDTORRENTSITE.CD What do you guys think of this? (Slightly Sanitized for silly reasons)

Chamunks Arkturus chamunks at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 14:08:56 EDT 2012

Given REDACTEDTORRENTSITE.CD's focus on access and organization, it's no
surprise that we would attract the attention of other archival
organizations. One such organization is the phenomenal Internet
which shares our vision of universal access to art, culture and knowledge.

So, for the past several months, we have been quietly collaborating with
the Internet Archive team, helping them to back up as much of our vast
accumulation of metadata as possible. We hope that this collaboration will
both improve the state of music organization in the present and benefit
other archivist organizations one day when this site is gone. For the
official announcement of this collaboration, we would like to share a
message from Internet Archive founder Brewster

*Brewster Kahle* wrote:

The achievements of the REDACTEDTORRENTSITE.CD community are astonishing,
and the site's superb metadata can significantly help open-source projects
such as MusicBrainz.org and acoustid.org to make a catalog of all

To that end, the REDACTEDTORRENTSITE.CD archive project is a continuation
of the Internet Archive's goal of preserving the cultural zeitgeist of the
world through time. Along with our book scanning projects and web archival
projects, this well curated repository assists us in our mission of
obtaining an archival quality copy of every piece of culturally-relevant
information. We attempt to make all material as accessible as possible and

Please let us know what you think the Archive should do to serve the goals
of preservation and access.

We at the REDACTEDTORRENTSITE.CD staff are immensely proud to work with the
Internet Archive team, and we hope our work here will eventually benefit
music fans all over the internet.

And of course, we want to thank you, the users. Our dedicated uploaders and
editors ensure that our 276 terabytes of content is well-tagged and
well-organized for the benefit of others, and of course our entire userbase
helps to keep this content available. You guys make the Internet Archive's
work possible, and we are working hard to bring tangible benefits back to
you, the users. We are very excited for the possibilities this
collaboration will bring! Stay tuned.
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