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No this is not a then we win. Open Source means nothing without the word Free in front of it.



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Does this qualify as "then we win"?

Who remember "GPL is a cancer"?

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Vol 15-20 | October, 2012   
  Microsoft MSDN Flash newsletter— CANADIAN EDITION  

Frédéric Harper
Technical Evangelist
Microsoft Canada
                   There has never been a better time to work with Microsoft technology than this exact moment. Think about Windows 8, Windows Phone, Windows Azure, and this ecosystem working together to get your application idea to the next level. On top of this, Microsoft has never been so open than now! 
Think about a Web Standard like HTML5. Microsoft Corporation’s latest version of Internet Explorer includes all the features you love about HTML5, and CSS3 that makes people like Grant Skinner bring back preferred Atari Games in Microsoft browsers and touch devices. You can also use your HTML skills to build amazing Windows 8-based Modern apps or games. 
Think about Open Source with all projects on Codeplex. Microsoft also released the code of SDKs like the one for Windows Azure on GitHub. Find the repository you want, fork Microsoft code or help Microsoft implement the next crucial feature of this platform. Talking about Windows Azure, deploying a Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal website has never been so easy with our Website offer. 
Think about Open Data. Microsoft worked with Open Source Software & Open Gov communities to develop a Drupal 7 based content management framework specifically for Open Government portals. It’s how the DataPublic project was born. We also worked with the City of Regina and Niagara region to make an Open Data pilot and a portal. Last but not least, the Open Data Platform Installer that simplifies the roll out of Open Data platforms for non-technical folks. 
Think about Interoperability, Microsoft technology working with non-Microsoft technologies. PHP on Windows? It works just well now. Linux as a Virtual Machine in the cloud? It’s possible, and we even have predefined images for you. Developing a Django Python application for the cloud on Windows, Mac or a Linux based machine? No problem. 
Think about free software as it helps developers like you focus on the most important, your code. Visual Studio Express 2012 gives you everything you need to build Windows 8-based applications from scratch or from a template. WebMatrix helps you create and deploy Web applications on Windows Azure easily. 
These are just some examples of the openness of Microsoft at this time, and it’s just the beginning! As a developer, you don’t work with only one technology, and we wanted to offer you all these possibilities to be successful. At the end, it’s all about making the Web, and not the war. If you have any questions or comments around these topics, and the openness of Microsoft, feel free to reach out to me.        Share  
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