[kwlug-disc] Android / Google calendar - events as tasks.

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Mon Oct 1 18:01:22 EDT 2012

One of the annoying things about (Google) calendar is that it has no 
sense of tasks as events (or vice versa). [Never mind google tasks for 
the purpose of this message.]

It just occurred to me I could create two calendars, 'mycal' (shown) and 
'mycal-done' (not shown). When a meeting has happened, for example, 
moving the event from 'mycal' to 'mycal-done' would be the equivalent to 
marking the meeting as completed. (Or cancelled.) Turning the display of 
'mycal-done' on/off would be the equivalent to ticking (or not) 'Show 

It also occurs to me that if one has a regular 'project' [never mind 
that by definition a project is unique], one could export the (calendar) 
project as a .csv, edit the dates for the next round, and import the 
modified .csv.

[<tongue in cheek> Should I be looking to apply for a software patent 
for these ideas?]

Any reasons why approaching these these ways doesn't make sense / are 
there better ways?

Anyone know of any good web places where such tips and 'tricks' are 
bandied about?

[It appears to be pointless to hold one's breath that google will ever 
add the concept of 'complete' to calendar events / integrate tasks into 
calendar - a la Palm Desktop / Agendus / DateBk.]

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